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“The business airline that focusses on flying to regional airports…”

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VLM Airlines

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Belgium, England, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands

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2013__CHR9010_290420132013__CHR9002_290420132013__CHR9004_290420132013__CHR9012_29042013"City of Antwerp" Cityjet OO-VLS Fokker F50 cn/20109 opby VLM named "Freddy Van Gaever" Dec 2017 wfu & std at ANR 2 Sep 2018 reg SE-MFY Amapola Flyg 14 Dec 2018 @ LFPO  / ORY 21-04-2015

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Information about Operations:

  • • Founded in 1992
  • • Headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium
  • • Airport Hub: London City Airport
  • • Core fleet of 18 aircraft: 18 Fokker F27 Mk. 50
  • • Airlines offers premium services such as fresh on-board meals (including vegetarian and kosher options)

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