What Are Discount Carriers?
Discount carriers are another term for low-cost airlines that are known to offer low travel fares in exchange for “no frills” service — they do not include many extra services or luxuries found on traditional airlines.

Low-cost airlines also tend to only offer a single passenger class; have a simplified scheme for fares and routes; only provide booking through their own websites; and be less well known than large-scale national and full-service airlines.

For these reasons, they are often not included in major online travel sites and fare search engines. As a result, it can be difficult to find low-cost airlines that service a particular destination, or find fare information and book flights with them.

Once an airline is found, it can also be difficult to find information about them and the quality of their services.

About This Site
DiscountCarriers.com was built to provide a quick and easy means of finding information about low-cost airlines.

The site provides general background information, including synopses, images, geographic guide, links to booking and flight information, news, and reviews from across the web and made on this site for each airline.

Images, news and web reviews are aggregated on a real-time basis from across dozens of sites on the web so that further research isn’t necessary once a preferred airline is found.

We hope that you find the site useful and look forward to hearing your ideas for new features or changes to the site or your suggestions for airline to add.

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