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Jin Air

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Guam, Japan, Macau, Phillipines, South Korea, Thailand

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HL7567 | JNA | B738 | VHHHBoeing, 737-8B5, HL7561, "Jin Air", VHHH, Hong KongJINAIR Boeing 737-800 HL7555Jin Air B737-800Jin Air, Boeing 737-800, HL7798, Seoul Incheon

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  • SKT T1 Faker   Zed vs Katarina   Jin Air GBM, KR Challenger 889P
  • LOL - 플라이 뭐함? - Jin Air Fly Mordekaiser's funny action
  • GSL16强A组03 KT ZestP vs Jinair CureT by msjoy 超清

Information about Operations:

  • • Founded in 2008 (formerly known as “Air Korea”)
  • • Headquartered in Seoul, Korea
  • • Airport Hub: Incheon Airport
  • • Core fleet of 5 aircraft: 5 Boeing 737-800
  • • Operates as an independent subsidiary of Korean Air

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